Maintenance Landscaping & Irrigation

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Lee County Irrigation Restrictions

Please click here to see Lee County Irrigation Restrictions for our community

Botanica Lakes management team appreciates your landscaping/irrigation concerns. All Communication regarding maintenance of landscaping/irrigation begins with a Maintenance Landscaping and Irrigation work order request completed by the homeowner

Here is a guide on how to submit a request, and if there are any questions someone from the management office can walk them through the process.  This process is located at Homeowner will need to log in to their homeowners portal. The management office an assist with providing access if they have not created an account.

Maintenance Landscaping & Irrigation Work Order Guide

The Botanica Lakes HOA onsite management office handles the processing of all landscaping & irrigation work orders – All Botanica Lakes HOA related calls received by Estate Landscaping and Lawn Management will be directed to contact the BL HOA management office and submit a work order.

Verbal requests and E-Mails will not be pursued – you will be directed to the process below.

** If you are not able to access the portal / or are a new homeowner and your portal is not set up yet. You may print out a work order here and drop it off to the office

*If you have already submitted a work order, please disregard this message.

Please note that tenants do not have permission to submit work orders. Tenants are required to contact their landlord to have the homeowner submit a request on their behalf.

Below is a step-by-step guide for submitting work orders on the homeowner portal:

Below is a step-by-step guide for submitting work orders on the homeowner portal:

Step 1

Access the portal through the HOA website

Step 2

E-mail to receive your homeowner login information

Contact Us

Step 3

Step 4

You may create a new request and view your previous requests from the MAINTENANCE tab

Step 5

Select the area that your request pertains to

Step 6

Select the nature of your request

Step 7

Clicking CREATE REQUEST will send the property manager a notification that your request was made